,,ACCENTO”/ Xerjoff Accento, EDP 30 ml., [Ard Al Zaafaran]



Recommended for: women

Capacity: 30 ml., Eau de Parfum [Perfume packaging without cellophane film].

Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran, UAE

Accento is a fragrance in which fresh, sweet and powdery dry notes give unexpected and memorable moments. Each whiff of this fragrance creates an excitingly alluring atmosphere where musk, florals and earthy sweet notes help create a memorable yet olfactory beauty.

The top notes of Accent’s aroma capture the attention with juicy and intense touches shared by the refreshing coolness of radiant pineapples and expressive hyacinths. This fruity and floral duet is extended in the heart of the fragrance by irises studded with pink peppercorns and airy jasmine. The sweetness, earthy dryness and subtle spiciness emerging in the spicy floral bouquet attract attention and intrigue. With summery warm sighs, the composition of Accento is finally completed by the fragrant goldenrod and patchouli accords that have fallen into the embrace of fluffy musk. And their woody colors are softened and sweetly calmed by the combination of sun-protecting amber and fragrant vanilla.

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