OUD WAFA, EDP 100 ml.


Recommended for: men


  • 100 ml. Eau De Parfum

Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran [UAE]

This complex and dark fragrance is reminiscent of a grand antique tapestry with its rich texture. A warm and dark whiff of musk envelops the composition like a veil of night and complements the luxurious base notes of vetiver and rare saffiano rose. The scent tapestry is overflowing with savory and expensive scents,… the sweetness of saffiano rose and the bitterness of styrax – a warm, vanilla, balsamic scent that fills you with coziness and peace. Styrax (plant) is a rare and precious ingredient collected on the island of Sumatra, which conveys the exotic and unique flavor of this island. The nuance of leather, amber and cedar scents envelops the senses in a warm embrace, mineral hints of musk add earthy and lively freshness, patchouli with vetiver gives the whole composition depth, richness and intensity, and the powder note – softness and mystery.

Top notes: saffiano rose, cool, styrax.
Middle notes: leather, iris, jasmine, cedar, tuberose.
Base notes: white musk, patchouli, vetiver, amber, oud, powder.

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