,,Al Bashiq” (unisex, 100 ml., EDP), Nabeel


Dominant notes: cashmere wood, oud, leather, tobacco, cedar.

Scent character : Dark, rich, woody.

Capacity: 100 ml.

Brand : Nabeel

Top notes: Leather, incense, cardamom, cypress, fresh wood (pine), bitter almond, fruity, grapefruit, lavender, artemisia, cinnamon, saffron, saffron, bergamot, apple, nutmeg, styrax
Middle notes: cedar, balsamic, myrrh, smoked olibanum, guaiac wood, earth, charismatic, cashmere, jasmine, muguet, geranium, agarwood, labdanum,
Main notes: vetiver, amber, vanilla tobacco, amber, musk, sandalwood, guaiac, tonka bean.
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NEW !!!
From 1969 to the present day, the Nabeel brand has successfully created countless mind-blowing fragrances.
With aesthetic packaging and unique bottles, Nabeel offers a variety of oriental and western-style fragrances and
is committed to providing exceptional value for money.
ORIENTAL CLASSICS !!! An oriental woody fragrance for men, imbued with a myriad of dark and rich ethers, reminiscent of the mysterious legends and customs of the ancient East.
Masculine and strong, exotic and dangerous, surrounded by a harmony of rare spices, spices that have travelled the Silk Road – leather, tobacco, saffron, cinnamon… Feel the jewels of the East and the golden charm of the East in this fragrance. This is a unique specimen for your oriental perfume collection.


100 ml, 12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester)


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