Air freshener “MAHASIN Crystal” Lattafa 300 ml.


Capacity: 300 ml.

Brand: Lattafa [UAE]

“Lattafa” of the Arabian manufacturer is a high-quality long-lasting perfumed air freshener designed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and create a cozy and fragrant environment.

Scent the car interior, curtains, tapestries or upholstered furniture with an air spray and fill the environment with long-lasting luxurious scents.

  • The scent of the perfumed freshener MAHASIN Crystal opens with bright notes of clementine flowers mixed with cassis and nectarines, orchid and orange blossom. The fragrance base gives harmony to the freshener with soft musk, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar.

Top notes: clementine flowers, cassis and nectarines
Middle notes: orchid and orange blossom
Base notes: soft musk, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar

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