OUD AL LAYL – home fragrance diffuser 150 ml.


OUD AL LAYL diffusers offer impeccable quality that can not only be seen, but also smelled. Home fragrances are filled with the best essential oils, which, being completely natural, mesmerize with familiar scents and inspire new combinations.

Oud Al Layl Diffusers De Parfum 150ml use stems to subtly diffuse wonderful scents.

Create a cozy atmosphere in your home with this natural scent of roses, fruits and cedar, create a cozy and soothing environment.

  • Fragrance notes: roses, oranges, fruits, cedar, sugar

Brand: ARABIYAT (United Arab Emirates)

Capacity: 150 ml.

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-natural, soft, warm composition;

– suitable for placing in any room of the house;

– quickly fills the room with luxury;

– the aroma creates a feeling of coziness, calmness, peace and harmony;

– control the intensity of the smell according to the number of sticks;

– looks beautiful in every interior;

– ideal for corridor, bedroom, office, living room, boutique, shop, beauty salon and other premises;


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