Xavia SOPHIA/ Xerjoff Erba Pura, EXTRAIT De Parfum 75 ml.


Recommended for: women


  • 75 ml., Extrait De Parfum
    12 ml. (sample)
    5 ml (sample)

Brand: Frago World

SOPHIA/Erba Pura is a gourmand and modern combination of Mediterranean citrus and sweet fruits, with an oriental, warm sensuality of amber. The heart notes are shrouded in mystery… an exclusive extract of rare Indian herbs. Thanks to a special extraction method called PURA, this flower and fruit elixir stays on the skin for a particularly long time. SOPHIA – a fragrance that emphasizes the aura of personality. Sicilian oranges and lemons, Calabrian bergamot. A basket of Mediterranean fruits. White musk, amber and vanilla. Beans from Madagascar.

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12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester), 75 ml


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