VOUX Spices (Women, 100 ml.L., EDP)


Recommended for: women.

Capacity: 100 ml, Eau De Parfum.

Made in: UAE

Top notes : Basil, allspice
Middle notes : spices, amber,
Main notes : Sandalwood, patchouli, musk

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Voux Spices (Xerjoff Sospiro Ivory Routes) – will appeal to elegant, charming and passionate women who are full of vital energy. Here, each note has its own place, like a dot on a map that you will soon reach. The first thing you will feel is the spiciness and pungency of the spices – they cleanse the heart and soul, preparing you to embrace newness. The beautiful basil combined with the fragrant chilli pepper gives a thrill. The composition is held back, stabilised and finished with warm sandalwood and slightly bitter patchouli. They add calm and smooth the sharpness of the first sensations. Voux Spices closes with an unexpected earthy, warm sandalwood that balances the scents and creates a complete composition with a feeling of satisfaction.


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