ATTAR MUBAKHAR Perfume Oil (20 ml.) Swiss Arabian


Recommended for: women.
Capacity: 20 ml.

Brand name: Swiss Arabian

Top notes: bergamot, balsamic, mandarin.
Middle notes: rose, jasmine, powdery notes.
Main notes: sandalwood, vanilla, agarwood.

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ATTAR MUBAKHAR Oil is a concentrated floral and fruity gourmand fragrance oil with an oriental character, richly sunny and very soft.
Attar personifies the dignity and beauty of women of royal descent, which is reflected in Swiss Arabian’s unique concentrated fragrance oil. Indulge in this truly enchanting Arabian fragrance – a unique blend of balsamic, mandarin and floral with precious agarwood.

Perfumed oil perfumes can be applied directly to the skin or mixed (used as a base) with other perfumes.


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