SCENTLE 378 / Scandal, EDP 25 ml.


Recommended for: women.

Capacity: 25 ml., EDP (perfume box without cellophane film)

Manufacturer: UAE

Provocative and bold, rich, memorable and bright – these are all about the wonderful scent of Scentle/Scandal. During the day it is sweet, fresh and delicious, with a distinct scent of gardenias and oranges. Spicy, tantalizing, reminiscent of childhood. At night, it envelops you in a lustful and seductive blend of honey and patchouli scent. But as the day ends and the night begins, these scents merge and send a message that is impossible to resist.

The perfume composition is intended for women who are not used to hiding their emotions. From the first breath, the fresh and rich scent of oranges touches the nose, which is softened by the aroma of gardenias. You can get stuck in the heart of the composition. The sweet, viscous honey adds even more sensuality to the perfume. Refined color impresses with unsurpassed patchouli notes. Take your handbag, a bottle of Scandant and a great mood – the world won’t resist you.

  • Top notes: mandarins, oranges;
    Middle notes: honey, gardenia, jasmine, peach;
    Base notes: licorice, beeswax, caramel, patchouli.

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