Marque Collection N-143/Perfumed body spray/deodorant 250 ml.


Recommended for: Women

Perfumed body spray/deodorant

Capacity: 250 ml.

Brand: Fragrance World (UAE)

It’s like a love elixir – intended for a romantic woman looking for love. The fragrance radiates playfulness and sexuality. The fragrance is intended for a girl looking for eternal love, who likes surprises and surprises. Sensual, lively, energetic aroma with fruity, floral and chocolate notes. First of all, lychee, quince and kiwi fruits are revealed, reeking of youth and playfulness. However, this is only the first impression. Later, a sensual and sensual aroma of white chocolate and jasmine spreads. The playful and unexpected composition is completed by solid wood, iris and musk accords.

Deodorant with close scent notes – Parfum Britney Spears Fantasy

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