Barakkat Rouge540 extrait/Perfumed body spray/deodorant 250 ml


Recommended for: women.

Essencia Perfumed body spray/deodorant

Capacity: 250 ml.

Brand: Fragrance World (UAE)

Enchanting aroma for gourmets of niche perfumery, saturated with the highest quality essential oils, which smell of excellent shades of white flowers and fresh, juicy fruits, perfectly revives and brightens the image. The composition opens with graceful green nuts, bitter almonds and spicy oriental notes of warm sunny saffron, which blend seamlessly with shades of wood resin, creamy pine white cedar and delicate notes of white jasmine petals or flowers. The sensual musk path is harmoniously complemented by pungent wood notes and a delicate amber scent, which gives the whole composition an accent of fresh, salty sea air.

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