MAHARJAN Gold, EDP 100 ml.



Recommended for: Women

Capacity: 100 ml., Eau De Parfum

Brand: Lattafa Pride [UAE]

Lattafa Pride Maharjan Gold perfume is the quintessence of an aromatic journey to the East, where smoky notes of incense and wood are worshipped, where cashmere reveals its natural nature and caramel gives an intense character.

Powerful, yet sophisticated, amber transports you into the twilight, leaving more room for imagination… This journey is accompanied by cedar and jasmine and velvety tuberose notes opening at dawn. The inviting mist dissipates, leaving saffron to brighten the day…

Lattafa Perfumes is a UAE perfume brand founded in 2012 by Sheikh Shahid Ahmad. Lattafa defines lifestyle and offers best-in-class fragrances that not only pamper but also help men and women cherish their lives every day. The brand relentlessly explores to satisfy a wide range of tastes and offers unforgettable creations for everyone. In order to create lifestyle fragrances that relate to the essence of life, they create products of exceptional character.

Top notes Lavender, Pepper
Middle notes Incense, Fragrant tuberose, Jasmine
Base notes Caramel, Cedar, Amber, Cashmere

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