Lattafa PRIDE THARWAH GOLD, 100 ml., EDP


Recommended for: women

Capacity: 100 ml.

Brand : Lattafa (exclusive collection)

Top notes: lavender, bergamot
Middle notes: orange blossom, jasmine
Main notes: vanilla, vetiver, amber
Fragrance sample on the page: <TESTER-samples>

A seductive, exclusive Lattafa fragrance for women with a lingering light sweetness. Tharwah Gold is a candied fragrance with delicate floral scents inherited from jasmine, lavender and orange blossom. The opening is intoxicatingly sweet, followed by an intriguing scent of veriveria and amber that is hard to describe… It’s a fragrance that gives you a sense of joy that you want to feel everywhere, all the time… Oriental luxury, the scent of a luxurious Dubai party – not spicy, slightly sweet, sultry with a touch of freshness.

The luxurious design and the unusual atomic symbolism announce the enslaving energy of the fragrance, giving full joy of life when nothing can move faster and cause chaotic heat in the environment than this fragrance. The fragrance lasts a very long time.

Pasirinkite talpą

100 ml, 12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester)


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