Launo MILLION / 1 Million, EDP 50 ml.



Recommended for: Men

Volume: 50 ml, Eau De Parfum

Brand: Fragrance World [UAE].

Launo MILLION is a wildly fresh and at the same time extremely sensual fragrance for men. He represents a charming, fearless and bold risk-taker who always takes what belongs to him…

The provocative aroma opens with juicy red mandarins, the sweet freshness of which is complemented by the sparkling tartness of grapefruit. Drowning in a vibrant cocktail of citrus fruits, the mint adds even more frenetic energy and coolness to the scent. Cinnamon and other oriental spices embrace this fresh frenzy in the heart of the fragrance with exciting, warm touches. In an oasis filled with sensuality, a breath of enchanting rose essence spreads, giving the composition elegance and masculinity. Amber melting in the sea of rich leather, Indian patchouli and woody notes fills the scent with sensuality and immerses you in a moment full of unforgettable sensations.

  • Top notes are Grapefruit, Red Mandarin, Mint
    Middle notes Rose, Cinnamon, Spice notes
    Base notes Leather, Real patchouli, Patchouli, Woody notes, Amber

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