Lattafa PRIDE AL AREEQ GOLD 100 ml., EDP


Recommended for: men

Capacity: 100 ml.

Brand : Lattafa (exclusive collection)

Top notes: saffron, black tea
Middle notes: incense, suede, amber
Main notes: amber, vanilla, musk

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NEW !!! The aromatic, warm and magical fragrance opens with suede splashed with vanilla drops, saffron and citrus notes of bergamot. Intoxicating spicy black tea blends perfectly with the gourmand touch of amber. The base of the composition presents a deep, deeply revered and almost sacred in the East, smoky incense, musky spice and resinous ambergris accents. This oriental classic, featuring golden frankincense, is true oriental luxury, radiating luxurious incense. The scent lasts a very long time.


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