ENIGMA Trois, EDP 100 ml.



Recommended for: Men


  • 100 ml. (perfumed water).
    12 ml. (sampler/atomizer)
    5 ml (sampler/atomizer)

Brand: Fragrance World [UAE]

This perfume creates a special atmosphere that fills the space with elegance and tenderness.

Citrus top notes bring freshness and energy to this Enigma Trois perfume. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits or lemons, give the perfume an explosive combination of bright, refreshing and active scents.

Middle notes in Enigma Trois perfume consist of coriander, amir and oudwood. Coriander, with its aromatic and slightly sweet features, gives the perfume freshness, delicacy and uniqueness. Amiris is a powerful and expressive aroma, providing a deeper and stronger masculinity. Oud adds some green and fruity nuances to the perfume, helping to create a subtle and charming accent.

Leather and musk are clearly expressed in the base notes. Leather shines here and gives the perfume a feeling of warmth and luxury. Musk gives the perfume accents of delicacy and softness, while emitting a subtle and magnetic aura of masculinity. The fragrance is peaceful, yet fresh, and full of peaceful leather, coriander and amyrrh scents that attract the attention of any sense of smell.

Citrus top notes

Middle notes Coriander, amyris, oud

Base notes Leather, musk

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100 ml, 12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester)


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