,,PRIVATE” KVEPALŲ RINKINYS – (Collection 50ml .x 5psc., By TOM LOUIS)


The set is recommended for: women and men (a set for Him and Her).

Capacity: 5 pcs. x 50 ml:

Made in: UAE

The best “PRIVATE” gift set – the definition of high class and luxury – “PRIVATE” 50 ml. x 5 pcs. unique fragrances for women and men. An exclusive and uniquely presented private collection, five wonderful fragrances for Her and Him that look very nice to offer. Get this amazing and uniquely presented gift set for your loved ones or yourself to experience the essence of the best fragrance…

Lost Cherry: rose, almonds, jasmine, vanilla, sour cherries, patchouli. (for women)

Ombre Leather: violet, oakmoss, leather, patchouli, jasmine. (for men)

Tuscan Leather Intense: saffron, raspberry, amber, olibanum, wood. (for men)

Metallique: bergamot, lily, musk, sandalwood, vanilla. (for women)

Fabulous: lavender, amber, air, white woods. (unisex)

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In the perfume industry region, we are leaders… – “My Perfumes Group” was founded in 1994. the result of the far-sighted vision of founder Firoz Baugwala. He planted the seeds of success from one small outlet with a vision to grow and become a leader in the Perfume Industry region. We are based in Dubai, epitome of the best of east and west, and have been continuously serving the global market for 28 years.

…We put our heart and soul into creating the best perfumes for you. (My Perfumes Group)


The best “PRIVATE” gift set – the definition of top class and luxury!!! Gift set “PRIVATE” 50 ml. x 5 pcs. unique aromas.


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