COMFORT OUD Rovena / Tom Ford Oud Wood, EDP 30 ml.


Recommended: unisex

Capacity: 30 ml., EDP

Brand: Rovena [UAE]

Rovena “Comfort Oud” perfume is a rare, exotic and exclusive perfume in which reigns one of the most valuable ingredients in the perfume arsenal – agarwood.
The aroma opens with a rich combination of sandalwood and dry cardamom, then the sweet aroma of vanilla, spicy Sichuan pepper and dry fragrant golden beard emerges. The composition is crowned by one of the rarest and most luxurious woody and nutty agarwoods mixed with fragrant tonga beans, warm amber and Brazilian mahogany. Rovena Comfort Oud is a mysterious, sensual luxury fragrance.

  • Top notes: sandalwood, cardamom
    Middle notes: Goldenrod, Vanilla, Sichuan pepper, Goldenrod
    Base notes: agarwood, tonka bean, amber, Brazilian rosewood

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