BELLE Al Haramain, 75 ml., EDP


Recommended for: women
Capacity: 75 ml. Eau De Parfum
Brand: Al Haramain


Top notes: black currant, orange, mandarin blossom, grapefruit
Heart notes: melons, apricots
Base notes: gourmand notes, musk, sandalwood

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Belle is a beautiful, romantic and extremely feminine fruity fragrance. Oriental luxury with a European twist.

With its sound, the aroma aims to show a woman’s smile, her graceful gait, her ambiguous words and friendly attitude, her coquettishness and flirtatious glances, thoughtful decisions and success.

Each drop of perfume emphasizes special femininity and romantic style.

The freshness of blackcurrant petals in the top note blends into the citrusy notes of mandarin and pink grapefruit. The heart of the composition is filled with the sweetness of velvety apricot and ripe aromatic melon, which in the base note is perfectly combined with the notes of sandalwood and seductive soft musk.

– pleasant, fresh smell

-smell with sea tones

– fruity smell

-fresh scent, perfect for warm weather.


About the manufacturer: AL HARAMAIN – an Arabic brand, was born in 1970 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. That year AL HARAMAIN founder Kazi Abdul Haque opened a precious essence store DEHNAL OUD near Al Haram Mosque. The name of the company AL HARAMAIN is the name of the two holiest mosques in the world.

And today, AL HARAMAIN produces natural agarwood oil, which is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Agarwood or Dehnal Oudh (Arabic) is a typical ingredient in oriental perfumery and has been used since time immemorial in the Middle East region.

The produced aromatic compositions stand out for their originality, environmental friendliness and exceptional quality. Only natural ingredients are used for perfume production: flower and herb extracts and natural oils.

This unique approach gave a serious boost to the development of the brand not only in the Middle East, but also beyond it. Perfume impressed not only the countries of the Old World, but also distant America. Aromatic compositions conquered with their beauty and mystery and extraordinary magic of the sun.

Essential oils of hyacinths, daffodils, irises, and magical roses are used as a basis for perfume compositions. They surround you with a halo of cleanliness and freshness, give you a smile and a great mood!


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