Barakkat Rouge 540/Perfumed body spray/deodorant 200 ml.


Recommended for: Women

Perfumed body spray/deodorant 200 ml.

Capacity: 200 ml.

Brand: Fragrance World (UAE)

  • Top notes: jasmine, saffron.
    Heart notes: amber.
    Base notes: white cedar, fir sap.

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The main note of the fragrance is oriental floral notes. The aroma opens with unique, refined notes of jasmine that caress the sense of smell and make you dizzy. The frantic floral mood is enhanced by the sharp, delicate aftertaste of saffron.

After a while, you can feel the golden amber and gray amber unfolding. Heart notes reminiscent of hot sunny mysterious Eastern countries. They give the perfume warmth, sophistication and richness. The main note of the fragrance consists of a sharp, persistent aroma of spruce resin and a delicate, warm white cedar.


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