Bakhoor – Al Haramain BUKHOOR AMBER, 80 g.


Al Haramain Bakhoor Incense Bukhoor Amber – Will add an enchanting and pleasant scent to your home interior… Enjoy a natural and soothing aroma.

During incense, Oud tree oil, floral notes, amber, incense will spread in the environment. Warm and soft, oriental fragrance.

Composition: scented cedar, agarwood chips, petals, scented oils.

Quantity: 80 g.

Brand: Al Haramain (UAE)

– Bakhoor incense can become the focal point of your home. Get a cozy and welcoming scent. Enjoy and create an unforgettable fun meeting with friends or a good rest if you want to be alone with yourself.
– Bakhoor brings healthy energy into the home, cleans the aura, removes negative spirits and protects the home from bad people and events.
– The traditional use of these incenses includes more than just scenting the space. Eastern women used to perfume their hair and clothes…
– Bakhoor natural wood is enriched with essential natural oils – are aphrodisiacs. They can help create an intoxicating atmosphere in the room, relax…

– After smoking, when the smoke of the smell permeates the walls, furniture, curtains of your house – ventilate it, and what remains – this will be the smell of your house…

Use: Place a piece of coal in the censer, on sand or other non-combustible surface, light it and when the coal is covered with whitish ash (it will take about 1 minute), you can start smoking – add a few pieces (tablet or resin) of bakhoor incense.

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