Bakhoor AJMAL EHSAS 80 g.


Incense Bakhoor in Arabia, used for thousands of years to focus and calm the mind. Invite the ancient practice of Arabia into your home with Grade A Incense. The product is created from the purest natural ingredients, using aromatic, plant-based substances. These are various resins, barks, seeds, roots and flowers.

  • Bakhoor AJMAL EHSAS incense will enrich your home: sandalwood, musk and powdery notes with sugar.

A small amount of incense will leave a long-lasting and rich scent of plants in your environment.

Ingredients: scented wood chips, scented oils,

Quantity: 80 g.

Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran (UAE)

– Bakhoor incense can become the focal point of your home. Get a cozy and welcoming scent. Enjoy and create an unforgettable fun meeting with friends or a good rest if you want to be alone with yourself.
– Bakhoor brings healthy energy into the home, cleans the aura, removes negative spirits and protects the home from bad people and events.
– The traditional use of these incenses includes more than just scenting the space. Eastern women used to perfume their hair and clothes…
– Bakhoor natural wood enriched with essential natural oils – is a strong aphrodisiac that can help create an intoxicating atmosphere in the room, relax..

– After smoking, when the smoke of the smell permeates the walls, furniture, curtains of your house – ventilate it, and what remains – this will be the smell of your house…

How to use: Place a piece of coal in the censer, on sand or other non-flammable surface, light it and when the coal is covered with whitish ash (takes about 1 minute), you can start the incense – add a few pieces of bakhoor incense.

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