Ameerat Al Arab / Perfumed body spray/deodorant 250 ml.


Recommended for: women

Perfumed body spray/deodorant

Capacity: 250 ml.

Brand: Asdaaf (UAE)

  • Top notes: strawberry, black currant.
    Base Notes: Rose, Jasmine.
    Base notes: vanilla, musk.

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AMEERAT AL ARAB ASDAAF captivates with its light, refreshing sweetness and intoxicating spritz of spring flowers. The aroma spreads with the seductive sweetness of strawberries, intertwined with the tartness of black currants. Roses and beautiful jasmines give a feeling of luxury, as if enveloping you in a royal cloak. All this wonderful and velvety cocktail of notes is balanced and accompanied by fresh musk.

The body spray is recommended for those who like sweeter scents. The aroma is sweet, but not too sweet, fresh and mild.


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