24 Carat Pure Gold/Perfumed body spray/deodorant 250 ml


Recommended for: women

Concentrated perfumed body spray/deodorant

Capacity: 250 ml.

Brand: Lattafa (UAE)

In the range of scents of this fragrance, gentle undertones aptly complement the dark and dominant scents, so an intense and powerful breath instantly transports you to the heat-filled Middle East. The aromatic composition of Lattafa 24 Carat Pure Gold opens immediately with bright tones consisting of deep and warm agarwood, sensual saffron and dry and slightly sweet cinnamon. The light fragrance palette is complemented by dry and warm sandalwood and rose petals that give the aroma a romantic touch. The fragrance is finished with rich and thick notes of incense, leather, amber, musk and vanilla.

  • Top notes: Agarwood, Saffron, Cinnamon
    Middle notes: Sandalwood, Rose
    Base notes : Incense, Leather, Amber, Musk, Vanilla

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