Air freshener “AMEERAT AL ARAB” Lattafa 300 ml.



Capacity: 300 ml.

Brand: Lattafa [UAE]

“Lattafa” of the Arabian manufacturer is a high-quality long-lasting perfumed air freshener designed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and create a cozy and fragrant environment.

Scent the car interior, curtains, tapestries or upholstered furniture with an air spray and fill the environment with long-lasting luxurious scents.

  • Air freshener AMEERAT AL ARAB [Princess of Arabia] by Lattafa will envelop the environment in a light, refreshing sweetness and an intoxicating spray of spring flowers. The aroma spreads with the seductive sweetness of strawberry, intertwined with the tartness of black currant. Roses and beautiful jasmines give a sense of luxury, as if enveloping you in a royal cloak. All this wonderful and velvety fragrance is balanced and accompanied by fresh musk.

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