The PANTHER / Cartier La Panthere, EDP


Recommended for: women.

Capacity: 100 ml., Eau De Parfum

Brand: Fragrance World (UAE)

Top notes: apricots, strawberries, rhubarb, dried fruits, apples.
Heart notes: gardenia.
Last note: moss, musk.

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The PANTHER – fearless like the Panther, exclusive like a gem and wild like freedom itself. The Panther JAI – a sensual perfume that will become your daily muse and inspiration. Its noble notes will become a luxurious accessory for your everyday outfit, wonderfully emphasizing your unique charisma. The first notes belong to dried fruits, lemon accords of bergamot, juicy rhubarb, sweet strawberry and sweet-spicy anise. Later, enchanting ylang-ylang, romantic rose, sweet pear, subtly bitter orange blossom and gardenia take center stage. Finally, a sensual finish – unconventional notes of moss, undoubtedly musk, leather and skates.

The aroma is uncontrollably passionate, but at the same time, the smell of flowers attracts like the gaze of the most rebellious animal in the world – the panther.

Even Theophrastus and Dante praised the panther not only for its grace and inexplicable mystery, but also for its seductive smell. As you know, the panther is the only animal with a naturally unimaginably pleasant smell, but there is a deadly trap in this natural secret: the panther hunts from an ambush and emits a magnetic smell, luring its prey.


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