Silky SAFFRON Matin Martin, EDP 100 ml.


Recommended for: women


  • 100 ml. Eau De Parfum
    12 ml. sampler/atomizer
    5 ml sampler/atomizer

Brand: Maison Martin [UAE]

Luxurious and charming perfume for women Silky Saffron – a masterpiece that evokes a feeling of warmth, sophistication and sensuality. It is an oriental woody fragrance that combines the exotic aroma of saffron with fresh notes of lemon and grapefruit to create a unique and irresistible scent.

Top notes: saffron, lemon, grapefruit;
Middle notes: leather, violet, oregano;
Base notes: cashmere, vetiver, sandalwood.

The aroma opens with juicy freshness, the heart of silky saffron hides a combination of oregano, leather and violet, which gives the scent depth and richness. Derived from the iris flower, the bark root has a powdery and earthy aroma that perfectly complements the scent of the skin. The floral violet essence adds a soft and feminine touch, making the perfume flattering and balanced.

The main notes of silk saffron are a combination of cashmere, vetiver and sandalwood. Cashmere is a synthetic molecule that adds warmth and sensuality to the fragrance, while vetiver, an earthy tropical herb, adds a slightly smoky and woody effect. The sandalwood accord provides a creamy and velvety finish, making the fragrance irresistibly soft and seductive.


100 ml, 12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester)


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