ROSE KISS by Gulf Orchid, EDP 100 ml.


Recommended for: women


  • 100 ml. Eau De Parfum
    12 ml. sampler/atomizer
    5 ml sampler/atomizer

Brand: Gulf Orchid [UAE]

ROSE KISS is a complex yet sweet and gentle fragrance for women. The aroma will enchant you with fruity and floral scents with a warm and creamy vanilla base.

Top notes: grapefruit, black currant
Middle notes: jasmine, rose
Base notes: vanilla, musk

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At the top of the fragrance, you will feel a burst of citrus grapefruit, which will be lifted by the sweet and spicy notes of black currant. These notes create a fresh fragrance opening that will awaken your senses and put you in an uplifted mood.

Moving on to the middle notes, the fragrance reveals its floral heart with a blend of jasmine and rose. The jasmine note gives the fragrance a delicate and feminine touch, while the rose note adds a romantic and sensual atmosphere. These two notes perfectly complement each other, creating a harmonious and elegant floral accord that is the heart of the fragrance.

Finally, vanilla and musk notes give a warm and creamy finish. The vanilla note is sweet and comforting, while the musky note adds depth and sensuality to the aroma. The combination of these two notes creates a cozy and inviting aroma that lingers on the skin for hours.


100 ml, 12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester)


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