PHILOS ROSSO / Sospiro Wardasina (Rosso Afgano) Xerjoff


Recommended for: women

Capacity: 100 ml., Eau De Parfum

Brand: Lattafa

Top notes: Davana rose, saffron
Heart notes: violet flower, clove, patchouli, cedar wood
Base notes: white musk, vanilla, berries, amber

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Oriental perfumes are suitable for sophisticated connoisseurs because their pyramids are the most detailed and complex. This aroma reveals to us the sensual world of the East, extraordinary and multifaceted. This perfume will definitely suit confident women, it will reveal your natural sexuality and cover your deepest desires.

The top notes surprise with the richness of velvety rose, which is expertly complemented by gourmet saffron.

The essence of the beauty of the aroma is inexplicable – a combination of the strength of cedar wood and the sensuality of patchouli.

And in the end, you are dizzy with the mildly sweet, rich aroma, colored with the colors of vanilla-musk scents.

PHILOS ROSSO is the secret of your magical attractiveness, which only a select few know.


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