BLACK AFGANO (For Men, 60 ml., EDP)


Recommended for: men


60 ml. Eau De Parfum
12 ml. (sample)
5 ml (sample)

Brand : Fragrance World (Dubai)

Top notes: cannabis, green notes;
Middle notes: Raisins, Madena, Coffee, Tobacco;
Main notes: incense, agarwood.

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Black Afgano is a rich woody fragrance for men and women. It is a smoky, sweet, rough and strong scent.
Black Afgano concentrates the hypnotic scent of hashish, which is why it is also known as the owner of “temporary bliss”. It is a highly concentrated olfactory play, with a constant sense of satisfaction as it is sniffed, the unfolding of each note a pleasant surprise.

After about twenty minutes, Black Afgan begins to ‘move’, opening up on the skin with eccentric and provocative aromatic motifs, the sweet ‘weed’ aromas quickly disappear, just as the smoke disappears, then there is the freshness of freshly brewed coffee, seamlessly transitioning to a hint of resin, hiding itself in the shade of patchouli and moss. The composition is rounded off with a seductive blend of incense with wild accents.


12 ml (tester), 5 ml (tester), 60 ml.


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