ANTIQUE Emarati Perfume by Lattafa, EDP 100 ml.


Recommended for: women

Capacity: 100 ml., Eau De Parfum

Brand: United Arab Emirates, Lattafa

Niche Emarati ANTIQUE is an exclusive luxury perfume that reveals the mysterious charm of Dubai, inviting you on an exotic journey to feel the luxurious scents of Arabia… It is a perfume that is perfect for those who are looking for luxury, elegance and warmth in one…

The masterpiece opens with charming aromas of cardamom and juicy figs. The savory silk of cardamom gives way to the sweetness of figs, and together with the coconut, it gives a warm taste. The spicy smoothness of black tea adds depth and mystery to this scent. Iris adds grassy and earthy warmth, while vetiver adds an earthy undertone. The softness of jasmine combines with the top notes to create a luxurious and harmonious combination.

The base/end notes draw you into the world of this fragrance with the mysterious silk of amber and a soft touch of sandalwood warmth. Tonka bean and caramel create a sweet and luxurious final accord, while musk adds a soft sensitivity and long-lasting charm.

  • Top notes: cardamom, figs, coconut, milk, black tea
    Middle notes: iris, vetiver, jasmine
    Base notes: amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, caramel, musk

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