Air freshener Mahasin KHAWATER, Khadlaj 320 ml.



Capacity: 320 ml.

Brand: Khadlaj [UAE]

The air freshener/spray releases a spray scent that diffuses beautifully in the air, transforming any environment into a haven of freshness and calm. Notably, its 100% alcohol-free formulation ensures a natural touch. Enhance your surroundings with a wonderful, lingering aroma with one of the most exclusive fragrances in perfumery.

Mahasin KHAWATER Water Based Khadlaj Environmental Spray. Khadlaj is a UAE-based perfume house, a family-owned company since 1996, dedicated to creating oriental and western fragrances. Khadlaj is a widely known manufacturer for its exquisite and perfectly crafted atmospheric fragrances.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: rose, chamomile and apple

Middle notes: lychee, plum and coriander

Base notes: sandalwood and amber

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