,,ADEEB” (,,Unisex”, 80 ml. Eau De Parfum), Lattafa


Recommended for: Women


80 ml., EDP (perfumed water).
12 ml. (sample).
5 ml. (sample)

Brand: “Lattafa” UAE


Top notes: cinnamon, vanilla, tobacco.
Middle notes: Moroccan spices, herbs, thyme, smoky notes.
Base Notes: Black Amber, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

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ADEEB aroma will appeal to those who are looking for the beauty of an exclusive oriental composition. The softness of patchouli and wood, magical Moroccan spices and herbs, tobacco and a gentle whiff of smoke. This perfume is guaranteed to conquer you and leave a lasting impression in your environment.

“ADEEB” Eau De Parfum fragrance line, one or two sprays and this pleasant scent will last all day.

-Impressive perfume packaging – the perfume is hidden in a book.


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