,,VELOURS Bordeaux” Maison Des Reves (Unisex, 100 ml., EDP)


Recommended for: women.

Capacity : 100 ml., EDP

Brand : Fragrance World (Dubai)

Top notes : Saffron, Jasmine, Oliban, Elemi, Ink;
Middle notes : Amber, Amber, Rose, Suede;
Main notes : Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedar.

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“VELOURS Bordeaux” Maison Des Reves – an extraordinary concept, high quality and an unexpectedly rare fragrance composition. The pride of Arab perfumers – the NICHE collection.

For NICHE, carefully selected saffron and jasmine blend with olibanum, the natural essential oil of frankincense, the resin of which is extracted through cuts in the bark of the tree. The stunning rose blends with amber, fine suede leather, the aromatic resin of a small prickly shrub (Mira) with vanilla – it is safe to say that this is the real ray in this fragrance.


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