Comfort LAST CHERE / TOM FORD Lost Cherry, EDP 100 ml.


Recommended for: women


100 ml., Eau De Parfum

Brand: Rowena (UAE)

Last Chere begins with mildly bitter aromas of almonds and liquorice, subtly maturing into the allure of a seductive black cherry. In the middle notes, sour cherries and plums add excitement and liveliness to the scent, while Turkish rose and jasmine sambac add a subtle romantic touch.

The final notes express warm tonka bean and vanilla, together with Peruvian balsam and cinnamon, which give a deeper and softer character. Cloves, cedar, patchouli, vetiver and other ingredients create a balanced composition that inspires comfort and long-lasting memories. This perfume is suitable for both everyday use and special occasions, attracting attention with its versatile and delicate aroma.

  • Top notes : Bitter almond, liqueur, black cherry.
    Middle notes: Sour cherries, plums, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac.
    Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla, balsam of Peru, cinnamon, benzoin, sandalwood, cloves, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

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